What We Do

Our programs integrate advocacy, research, and service toward a more sustainable, equitable NYC.

Pratt Center provides urban planning services to community development corporations, grassroots groups, local coalitions, and other community-based organizations. We develop, co-convene, and facilitate planning workshops with diverse groups of local stakeholders to identify communities' needs and aspirations for open space, affordable housing, commercial corridors, zoning, infrastructure, public health, and environmental sustainability. We then work with our community partners to translate these findings into cohesive community plans.
Pratt Center strives to understand the unique challenges that low- and moderate-income communities and small businesses face - and opportunities for overcoming them. Our research priorities are shaped by our on-the-ground work with New Yorkers in all five boroughs. Research methods include geospatial analysis, demographics analysis, qualitative surveys, focus groups, interviews, and community planning workshops. We then use the data gleaned from our research to develop pragmatic public policy recommendations toward a more sustainable and equitable New York City.
Our advocacy is largely shaped by our work in citywide and community-based coalitions, in addition to the recommendations that come from our research. We work with diverse groups of community-based organizations and small businesses to advocate for public policy and civic initiatives that advance community-driven ideas and create opportunities for marginalized New Yorkers to take part in planning processes that affect them.
Pratt Center provides a range of technical assistance and support to local manufacturing companies and small businesses. Specifically, we provide assistance with local procurement and product sourcing, commercial energy efficiency, market surveying, promotional services, and connections to other business development, workforce, and financial services.