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Promoting sustainable practices in housing and transportation and ensuring that all communities have the capacity to adapt to climate change.

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A community-based coalition advocating for a legal pathway to convert basement and cellars into safe, healthy and affordable apartments.
Increasing energy savings and reducing carbon emissions in New York City’s one- to four-family homes.
Pratt Center works with local organizations to plan for the sustainable redevelopment of brownfields in low- and moderate-income communities.
Pratt Center is a leading advocate for BRT – a low cost approach to shortening commutes for thousands of New Yorkers and closing disparities in transit access.
A diverse coalition is fighting to preserve open space and expand affordable housing in the face of several unaccountable development proposals.
A Bronx-based coalition is successfully leading the fight to transform the Sheridan Expressway and to create affordable housing and green open space where it used to be