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January 5, 2015

Neighborhood Data Portal-Tips and Tricks for Users

Neighborhood Data Portal

Tips and Tricks for First Time Users:

When you first open the Portal, you will see the boundaries of the city’s 195 Neighborhood Tabulation Areas. These areas were created by the Department of City Planning and are an approximation of historic neighborhood boundaries, but are adjusted to incorporate whole census tracts. Clicking on any location will bring up a table of general data for each NTA.

The Furman Center data layers are especially rich with information relevant to local and citywide housing work. The 2012 data is mapped by Sub-Borough Area; data for 2013 is mapped by Community District. Click on any Community District or Sub-Borough area to bring up a table of data for that area.

Tip – you can copy the data tables and paste them into a spreadsheet for further analysis .

The “share” button creates a link to the base map at the zoom level you are currently viewing – but that map won’t include the data layers or legend you are looking at – sorry about that!

You can share a pdf or jpg image of a map with data layers (and an optional legend) by clicking the “print” button. The image may take a moment to generate – please be patient. 

Some layers, including bike lanes and truck routes, don’t show up at the citywide level; you need to zoom in to a large enough scale for the data to be visible.

Other data mapping sites of interest:

Social Explorer – Census data for the entire US, 1790 – present

OASIS – streets, land use, property information, with particular attention to open space and environmental data

Urban Reviewer – NYC Urban Renewal Plans, 1952 - present

Furman center - Subsidized Housing and Neighborhood Data

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