Pratt Center Project

Completed in 2016
Building Resilient Communities

The EDGE Program

The EDGE Program helps local business owners, homeowners, and land owners connect to state-funded energy efficiency incentive programs.

The ever-increasing cost of energy, coupled with the growing awareness of climate change, has made energy efficiency a central pillar of sustainable long-term economic growth in New York City. Now, more than ever, there are tremendous opportunities for reducing energy use while increasing the uptake of renewables.

The Economic Development Growth Extension (EDGE) Program looks to capitalize on these opportunities by working at the intersection of economic development and sustainability, incentivizing New Yorkers to take steps that will help them decrease their greenhouse gas emissions, while simultaneously saving money that can be used to spur economic growth.

The EDGE Program helps local business owners, homeowners, and landowners connect to state-funded energy efficiency incentive programs. These programs, offered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), provide objective information and analysis, technical expertise, and funding to help increase energy efficiency in buildings and business processes, encourage the use of renewable energy and reduce reliance on fossil fuels, all while saving money.

Pratt Center has teamed up with Solar One, the Community Development Corporation of Long Island, and Courtney Strong, Inc. of Westchester to provide outreach services for NYSERDA around their large array of energy-efficiency, R&D, and renewable energy incentive programs. These Regional Outreach Contractors (ROCS) extend NYSERDA’s program outreach to commercial, institutional, municipal, industrial, and residential customers.  

Specifically, Pratt Center’s team focuses on two main areas:
-    Manufacturing and industrial businesses in New York City’s five boroughs;
-    Commercial, institutional, and multi-family customers located in Queens and Brooklyn.

Our EDGE clients work with us to determine which NYSERDA incentives can best serve their energy efficiency and renewable energy needs. We also help large and small building owners and/or lessees secure economic development funding for their energy upgrade plans through the State’s Consolidated Funding Application and provide longer-term programmatic support when clients seek to secure multiple incentives. Additionally, we help connect clients to our vast network of partners when it is clear that other organizations or programs may contribute to furthering a client’s  energy efficiencygoals .

The EDGE Program is one of many tools that Pratt Center is using to achieve a more sustainable New York City. By helping our clients access NYSERDA incentives, we continue to work towards the reduction of climate change impacts from carbon emissions and help local businesses grow through energy savings.For more information, please contact:

Rebekah Morris at or 718-637-8652.