Pratt Center Project

Completed in 2016
Building Resilient Communities

Green Jobs-Green New York

Green Jobs-Green New York is a statewide initiative to strengthen communities through energy efficiency, with a focus on small residential buildings.

New York City faces many obstacles in creating an environmentally and economically sustainable city for all of its residents, including high unemployment, vulnerability to climate change, and air quality issues. Although low-income communities are disparately impacted by these challenges, they remain underserved in the provision of resources necessary to address them.

Empowering distressed communities to invest in energy efficiency projects that reduce energy bills and decrease greenhouse gas emissions, while also providing opportunities for work in the green-collar jobs that these projects create, can simultaneously work toward our city’s long-term sustainability goals and mitigate the longstanding economic and environmental burdens facing low- and moderate-income New Yorkers

Green Jobs-Green New York (GJGNY), a statewide initiative designed to strengthen communities through energy efficiency, works toward these ends. Administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the program enables New Yorkers to make their homes, businesses, and neighborhoods more sustainable, healthy, and economically sound. Green Jobs-Green New York offers energy assessments, energy efficiency installation services, low-cost financing, and pathways to training for green careers.  Pratt Center works with organizations in all five boroughs to develop and implement community-driven strategies to increase the number of energy retrofits completed throughout the city and to ensure unemployed and underemployed residents benefit from jobs that are created in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors.

Pratt Center offers training and implementation support to nine New York City community-based organizations and their partners.  This includes assisting our partners in mobilizing their constituents to take part in Green Jobs-Green New York energy efficiency retrofit programs and linking job seekers to green jobs through training programs and employment services.  Pratt Center also organizes and facilitates trainings, workshops, and meetings; develops outreach opportunities and partnerships; advises on enhanced outreach opportunities; and creates support materials for Green Jobs-Green New York constituency-based organizations.

Through Green Jobs-Green New York, Pratt Center will continue to catalyze sustainable communities in traditionally underserved areas of the city. To learn more about the Green Jobs-Green New York program and how homeowners can participate, contact Rebekah Morris at or 718-637-8652.