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Made In NYC

Made In NYC enhances the capacity of small businesses to create jobs, foster entrepreneurial innovation, and grow sustainable local markets.

New York City is home to almost 6,000 small manufacturers employing 72,000 people. They make everything from pianos (Steinway in Queens) and landing gear for spacecraft (Vahl in Brooklyn) to food, fashion, film and furnishings.

Furthermore, the manufacturing sector is a proven source of good jobs for individuals with limited education and other barriers to employment in many of the city’s most distressed communities. For example, manufacturers in the Bronx, the city’s poorest borough, pay an average salary of $42,675 per year. Over 14,000 Bronx residents are employed by local manufacturing companies and live in neighborhoods with exceptionally high unemployment rates. Locally-made and -procured products can also contribute substantially to NYC’s long-term sustainability, through the reduction of freight and other commercial traffic. Furthermore, data suggests that small manufacturers who source materials locally and sell to local markets may have a competitive advantage as rising fuel costs and unpredictable transit times make imports less attractive.

Made In NYC – Pratt Center’s signature local manufacturing initiative – enhances the capacity of the manufacturing sector to create jobs, foster entrepreneurial innovation, and catalyze sustainable local markets. Made In NYC provides local branding, marketing, procurement, and other business development assistance to over 1,000 local manufacturers and is a platform for these businesses to connect with each other. It also serves as a one-stop shop for consumers looking to purchase local products. Made In NYC highlights companies that are adopting sustainable business strategies to help consumers make environmentally responsible purchasing decisions, and creates opportunities for small start-ups and innovative niche firms to tap into new markets.  

Consumers can use Made in NYC( to:

  •     Shop directly from local manufacturers;
  •     Find the latest in food, fashion, furnishings and other products from emerging designers;
  •     Reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable development by buying local; and
  •     Create jobs in New York City

Manufacturers can use Made In NYC to:

  •     Expand their markets and reach more consumers;
  •     Find local suppliers and contractors;
  •     Extend into new supply chains; and
  •     Use the Made In NYC logo to educate consumers about their product