October 7, 2013

Sandy Regional Assembly Recovery Agenda

Pratt Center is a member of The New York City Environmental Justice Alliance's Sandy Regional AssemblyThe Assembly published this report, which provides invaluable community-driven insights and strategies for ensuring an equitable and inclusive recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

From the report: “On January 26, 2013 nearly 200 participants representing over 40 community, environmental justice, labor and civic groups from neighborhoods most impacted by Superstorm Sandy (and most vulnerable to future storm surges) convened the Sandy Regional Assembly to strategize how government officials should implement a Sandy rebuilding program. 

On Monday April 1, 2013, these groups from across the NY-NJ region presented their Sandy Regional Assembly Recovery Agenda – a mix of suggested capital projects and policy recommendations – to advance 3 goals:

1) Integrate regional rebuilding efforts with local resiliency priorities;

2) Strengthen vulnerable communities & reduce public health threats, and

3) Expand community-based climate change planning, disaster preparedness & response.

The Sandy Regional Agenda has been presented to the federal Sandy Rebuilding Task Force chaired by HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan, Governors Cuomo & Christie, and Mayor Bloomberg.”