June 27, 2014

Energy Champions Referral Program- Organizations

You can become an Energy Champion Partner Organization by referring people in your network to complete a home energy retrofit.


Here's How it Works:

  1. Refer your clients, members or volunteers who own a 1-4 unit residential building in NYC to the local Energy Champions Community Organization that serves their borough.
  2. The community organization connects your referral with a contractor in the New York Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program that also participates in the Energy Champions Referral Program. 
  3. The contractor conducts a free or reduced-cost home energy assessment and provides your referral with recommendations on how to make their home more energy efficient. 
  4. Your contact completes a home energy upgrade with at least one major measure (such as insulation, airsealing, or a heating system upgrade).
  5. The participating contractor contributes $200 to your organization, just for making the connection.

In addition, if your organization recruits people in your network to be Energy Champions and make their own referrals, you will split the $200 reward with the Energy Champion for each completed energy upgrade. 

Sign up today
The Energy Champions Community Organization in your borough will follow up with materials to refer your friends, family, and neighbors to receive a home retrofit.

Download a sign-up form as a .pdf



Participating Energy Champions Community Organizations: 


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