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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a student. Can I apply for the Made in NYC fellowship?

No. While Pratt students are eligible to participate in the fellowship (and receive tuition remission), a faculty member must oversee the project from proposal submission to implementation.

I’m a little confused. Is this fellowship intended to help my company?

No. This fellowship awards funds to Pratt Institute faculty and staff who use their creative expertise to support Made in NYC manufacturing businesses 

I’m a Pratt alumni. Am I eligible for the fellowship?

No. Unfortunately alumni are not eligible for the Made in NYC fellowship, only faculty and staff may submit an application. 

What is the selection process and timeline?

All submissions received by April 1st, 2020 will be reviewed by the Made in NYC team. Submitters whose interests, experience and capacity best align with Made in NYC Learning needs will be contacted to discuss a full scope of services and budget for their project. Final scopes of work and budgets must be submitted no later than May 1st, 2020 and Fellowship awards will be announced by June 1st. Made in NYC will supply manufacturing companies for each project through an open registration process to Made in NYC companies. Fellowships will officially launch at the start of the Fall 2020 semester.

Is it up to me to identify businesses to serve as my “client”?

No. Made in NYC will draw from its network, which includes 1,300+ NYC-based manufacturers, to match each project with the appropriate companies.

What are some examples of previous fellowships? 

There are a few scenarios that we have seen work well. These are by no means the only scenarios that will be considered.

  1. Workshops - Made in NYC engages a faculty member to offer a workshop to manufacturing businesses. For example, Fashion faculty has developed a series of continuing education style workshops aimed at helping manufacturers improve their digital marketing strategies. This a series of 6 individual workshops each touching in a specific topic of digital marketing strategy. Pratt staff run a 3-day intensive meditation incubator for companies offering guidance on mindfulness in the workplace and business strategy. These can be 1-day workshops, multi-day intensives or a series of 1-day workshop series. Made in NYC staff provide logistical and outreach support to ensure a successful program.
  2. Creative Service Delivery – Made in NYC engages faculty to enlist student fellows to provide targeted services. For example, 5 times a year, Pratt Photography students, led by a professor, host a 1-day Pop-Up Photography Studio that accommodates 18 manufacturers providing product photography and headshots. MINYC staff provide logistical and outreach support.

Can I receive funding other than through a faculty stipend or tuition remission?

No. All fellowships are paid through faculty & staff stipends and tuition remission for students. No other form of payment will be issued.

I would like to use the fellowship stipend to cover some project expenses. Is that allowed?

Yes. Fellowship project expenses (e.g., materials and supplies) should be listed in the budget, and will be paid to the faculty or staff fellow as part of the stipend (and are therefore subject to the same taxes as a regular paycheck).

Will I get taxed on the fellowship award?

All faculty and staff stipends are subject to the same taxes as their regular paycheck.

I missed the deadline. Can I still apply?

No. Please consider applying during the next submission cycle.

More questions?

Joanna Reynolds

Manager of Programs and Partnerships, Made in NYC